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A halfway home for unfinished, unloved, and abandoned ideas.
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18th-Jul-2005 06:10 pm - Head detonation time o/~

Open view of a rocky, desert landscape like Arizona. A large four-by-four truck drives across the scenery, before stopping.

Camera pans to the gun rack.

Then two guys in cowboy hats get out of the truck, camera pans to their beers, then follows one as he circles around the truck bed. Pan to his belt, which he is undoing.

Camera shifts to the other man, now holding a bottle in hand.

Announcer: "Nitro glide. Lube for the Man's Man who likes other Men."
11th-Jul-2005 09:16 pm - Survey!
You! I need more datapoints! Forward this to other people and communities! :-)

Click here to take survey
8th-Jul-2005 02:32 am(no subject)
Strange thought occured to me, so I thought I'd come here with it.

Has anyone ever used photoshop to slice apart the different colour channels of an image?
If you haven't, well, it's self explanatory anyway. Viewing only the parts of the image that represent blue, in grayscale. Very interesting thing.
Got me to thinking... What if we were to place two, different, monochrome images, in two different colour channels?
The end result would look like gobbledigook, unless you put on some coloured lenses. Then, you'd be able to view one image at a time, while the other disappeared. Now, I realize at this point, it sounds a lot like the whole '3-d vision' thing we've had around since '50, but imagine two different video feeds on two different colourbands. Fullscreen, two player, competitive gaming, with no ability to see the other person's screen.

Is it genius, or sleep deprivation?
7th-Jul-2005 04:20 am(no subject)
*dumps engine fuel*
5th-Jul-2005 11:54 pm - Lithium Powered Engine
It works you see kinda like a jet engine, a small drip of lithium being regulated to drip into an engine block and only allowing the resulting explosion to travel in one direction, forcing the engine forwards.

More dangerous and reactive materials could be used but this was based on a crazy dream where one of my friends had invented this.

It was fast.
5th-Jul-2005 10:45 am(no subject)
:: dumps core ::
5th-Jul-2005 05:51 am(no subject)
I enjoyed DMing. Implimenting plots and such made my body tingle. And here's an idea I've been kicking around, a creature I've been wanting to use just to freak out some of those old-time gamers.

To sum the creature up, an octopus-faced brain sucking gorilla. But wait, it's a little more interesting than thatCollapse )
5th-Jul-2005 04:19 am(no subject)
Just a first entry to test things out, and get the whole idea running.

You're probably wondering why I don't have an idea to dump, right off the bat. Well, I did. The whole community is a silly little idea I had, and maybe, just maybe, it'll turn out good.
It's really quite late, so everything is a little off, but I will be fixing everything up soon. Check back, or start dropping off ideas, if you like.

For now, goodnight. Be well, be happy, ect. ect. =)

P.S. Feel obligated to leave suggestions. Er, I mean.. Feel free.
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