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A halfway home for unfinished, unloved, and abandoned ideas.
I enjoyed DMing. Implimenting plots and such made my body tingle. And… 
5th-Jul-2005 05:51 am
I enjoyed DMing. Implimenting plots and such made my body tingle. And here's an idea I've been kicking around, a creature I've been wanting to use just to freak out some of those old-time gamers.

To sum the creature up, an octopus-faced brain sucking gorilla. But wait, it's
Mind Render

Bald, indigo flesh flushed with black veins stretches over the enormous muscles of the seven foot behemoth. Milky orange, emotionless eyes stare out over the flicking tentacles, a group of four foot-long tendrils that cluster around a dull rust beak. It walks with a crouch, leaving its great crushing hands ready to grab or slam its prey. The only sounds that it makes is the dull, hissing breath, and the unearthly shrill scree it unleashes upon pouncing its target.

Mind Renders are known to be linked to Illithids in some fashion, exactly how has been lost. They could have been an experiment by the mind flayers, or mutated offshots adapting to an area outside of an elder brain.

These creatures possess great physical strength and agility, and their ferocity is coupled with a frightening cunning; unlike their distant relatives, mind renders do not possess great intelligence, but their level of understanding is above that of an animal, possessing the ability to understand primitive tactics. Renders travel in pods of three or four, using minimal telepathy to coordinate themselves in ambush tactics, either stunning their prey with an ability similar to an illithid's mind blast, or simply pouncing, slamming, grabbing, and feasting upon the brains of their prey.

Illithids have been known to keep mind renders in the outskirts of their territories, keeping assault squads on their toes by offering them brawn rather than the illithid brain. Other mind flayers are known to use the creatures shock troops, food collectors, or body guards.
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