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A halfway home for unfinished, unloved, and abandoned ideas.

Concept Adoption Centre
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All Members , Moderated
A halfway home for unfinished, unloved, and abandoned ideas.
Post your half-done character descriptions, ideas for stories, a song you can't figure out how to end, whirlygig plots that you can't find space for, design specifications that just won't work, and everything else that fits.

The rules;
1a. What you should post;
Anything that's listed as an interest. Anything that should be added to the interests.

1b. How you should post it;
If it's more than a paragraph, put it behind an LJ-cut. If it's image heavy, put it behind an LJ-cut. If it might be offensive to someone, anyone, put it behind an LJ-cut. They make life just a bit easier for everyone.

1c. What you shouldn't post;
Spam. Ripoffs. Lengthy, annoying drivel (e.g. longwinded, overly 'fluffed' documents). Blatantly, exclusively adult material. Stupid crap.

2a. The idea here, is that these ideas are to be shared. As such, anything you post is public domain, meaning it can be used, modified, and abused by anyone who reads it. Please refrain from attempting to 'claim' a PD idea. It's bad form, and it defeats the idea of the community. Repeat offenders may be banned.

2b. One exception to this, is in the event a member posts an incomplete idea, asking for help or advice. I ask that you make it exceptionally clear that your idea is not up for grabs, and post it 'members only'.

3a. Rules subject to future amendments without prior notice.
3b. Rules subject to change once I wake up enough to rewrite them nicely.

Livejournal.com, Concept_Dump, and the staff, shall not be held responsible for the content posted within this community.